Whether it’s about investments and asset trading, metallurgy or lighting, we’re more than happy to serve you!

We operate in real estate investment & development, metallurgy and lighting market. Our services and products are at your disposal, you just have to contact us.

What we do

We embrace change and we are open to challenges which we transform into opportunities, so asset trading is the core of the business. We advise on the market’s hottest available properties or businesses.

We distribute ferroalloy and non ferrous metals to Romanian factories and plants, and steel to infrastructure and real estate developers.

We implement LED lighting solutions in the industrial sector, office buildings, as well as in homes, hospitals, schools, shops or sports venues.


Who we are

We have over 25 years of experience in international transactions and on trade on the Romanian market, with a strong focus on business development and investments, as well as foreign trade.

Professionalism and seriousness are essential to us. Our most important objective is our clients’ satisfaction.

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